A Vlambeer Round for Everyone


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Our series on the Vlambeer Scale of quality has certainly taught us a lot about game design. Here at Design Oriented our goal is to have better conversations about games not just between us, but with you as well. So while we think it’s great that you’ve followed along so far, it’s time for your participation. It’s a lot easier and more fun that you might think.

Amazing art by Paul Lombard Amazing art by Paul Lombard

Step 1: Pick a game. Got a favorite? If you are a developer for a game don’t be afraid to apply the scale to your own work.

Step 2: Find a video of the game. Find a section of the video that’s a good representative slice of the gameplay experience. You may have to rely on knowledge of the game that is not in the video footage. That’s perfectly acceptable.

Step 3: Fill out this Vlambeer Scale questionnaire we designed. The results will be searchable and open to the public.

Step 4: Share the news with us, friends, or fellow designers, developers, and critics. Twitter is good: #VlambeerScore.

BONUS: What would you add to the  31 tricks already on the Vlambeer Scale?