Design Oriented (DO) is a game design blog covering games in a way that isn’t done anywhere else. We keep the discussion focused by sticking to 12 categories. This atomic level of organization helps us focus on digestible chunks of information and present clear examples. Phrases like “best game ever,” “worst in the series,” or “bad design” are rare around here. Instead we focus on simply describing the many parts of games and how they work.

We’re also direct. We’re not afraid to directly critique ourselves or others for the purpose of extending the conversation, seeking clarification, and identifying thoughtful criticism. We’re interested in making connections and charting the map of game and critic diversity, not ranking everything. Design Oriented isn’t about making linear comparisons of games and game critics. Rather, DO is a tool to help you get to the design destination of your choosing. 



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Because games and people are interesting, and it’s a shame that when we put them together we get really poor quality discussion. Understanding design helps us appreciate games better and play them better. Whether you want to explain something for yourself, win a debate, or (what we recommend) find your way, Design Oriented is a necessary guide.



Video games have value as entertainment and artistic mediums of expression. Players have value because they’re people. What we spend time doing and pursuing should bring value to our lives. In order to comb through the current games criticism discourse while bringing you the highest quality features, we have to put more than a full time job’s worth of time into this website. This is why we must charge for our content. 

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